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My version of TRON written in BASIC on the ZX Spectrum.
TRON is copyright (C) Disney.  I have used their ideas in my game, but I'm giving this away for free and it's for a nearly 40 year old computer, so I really hope they allow me to keep this here.  No breach of copyright intended.

I created this game in 2016 for a programming challenge on a facebook group called "BASIC on the ZX Spectrum."

My version features:

  • Loading screen
  • 4 players, up to 2 of which can be humans playing on the same keyboard.
  • The ability to hold down two direction keys and to move in a diagonal fashion
  • A custom font
  • Different starting positions
  • Fancy screen clearing and animation effects
  • Explosions when players crash.

Note:  Due to the game using all of the original 48K Spectrum's user defined graphics (UDG) characters the game will not work on the 128K Spectrum computers as they took away 2 of the UDGs to replace with the keywords SPECTRUM and PLAY.  I'm sure there's a way to get around this, but I'm not sure what that is.

I would suggest running in an emulator and cranking up the emulation speed by a few 100%, as otherwise it is a little slow.

Install instructions

This emulator tape file will play in most modern browsers.


TRON_SF.tzx 24 kB


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For the UDG question there's an easy way: make 2 UDG sets and you can choice the one you want in every moment with a simple POKE.